Your parents are your first teachers.

The parents you have, have been the perfect parents for you and the lessons that you needed to learn in this life.

You have the perfect parents for your soul’s evolution.

So rather than trying to make them into something, accept what they are, and what they aren’t. Then you free yourself to receive what they are able to give you.

They may not be able to give you all that you wanted, but they can give you all that they can, based on the level they are at.

Just the fact that they have given you life is in and of itself a huge gift!

They brought you into this life and impacted you profoundly. Much of who you are today is as a result of them.

But to truly be free there comes a point where you must let them go in order to grow. You must take responsibility for who you are now and what you choose to create in your future.

Your parents are no longer responsible for your current circumstances. You are not a victim.

We often hold anger, resentments, and old grudges towards our parents for what we feel happened to us as children, often blaming them for where we are today, making our current circumstances their fault.

This state of mind is a victim mentality and gives away your power. The past is gone and blaming them in the present limits your ability to create a new future.

Taking responsibility for where you are today sets you free and empowers your life.

Remember that your parents are also souls learning their own lessons in this life, they have their own journey and karma.

So let your parents go, in doing so you free yourself!

Sometimes it’s hard to let them go because we still want to get love from them or for them to be a certain way. You might be afraid that if you truly let them go this will mean accepting that you may never have the type of relationship with them that you always desired, so you might resist. This resistance only creates suffering.

Even if your relationship with your parents is currently wonderful, letting them go simply frees you up to become your own person fully, step into your power more profoundly and will only expand your ability to love them!

Forgiving your parents is the first act of power. Blessing them and being in gratitude for all the lessons they gifted you is the next act of freedom.

Sometimes we think that to forgive our parents is to condone their behavior or somehow make what they did or didn’t do OK. Forgiving isn’t so much for them but for you. You forgive to set yourself free. It requires giving up your sense of being “right”.

What would you need to let go of in order to truly let your parents go?

When you let them go you begin a new life.

When you let them go you grow up into a more powerful version of yourself and begin a new relationship with YOU.

Step into your power.

Let your parents go.



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10 comments on “Let go of your parents and set yourself FREE!

  1. Ellen Kahn on

    Kute, so inspirational. I had so many amazing breakthroughs during the Boundless Bliss Bali experience but one of the most profound was that finally after just years of work around this – finally able to release my parents give them back their power and take back mine. I came away with such love and gratitude, something I had been searching to be able to find, for my parents. I wish I could encourage everyone to take the leap and work with you Kute for some of the gifts are just becoming known to me from my work with you in Bali in December of 2013. Love Now!

    • Kute Blackson on

      Hi Ellen!!! Everything you need to learn in this life experience unfolds when you’re truly ready for it! Thanks for sharing and I am really happy to hear how things are moving along for you! So much love for you Ellen!!! Keep in touch!

  2. best social media firm on

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  3. Andy on

    i was reading and thinking “omg, every single word is true”..

    I really wish I could let parents go and set myself free. But at the same time I’m so very angry with them and that hurts me a lot šŸ™

    Kute, how do you think, does this act of letting parents go means that you must leave physically? I mean, to move to live by yourself? Is it absolutely necessary together with that psychological movement?


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