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Episode 111

Dr. Barbara De Angelis: How To Deal With Our Deepest Fears and Choose Love

"We are absolutely all being called now to use this time to see what it is that we're supposed to be purifying, healing, facing."

Episode Summary: In this unique time in history, Dr. Barbara De Angelis joins us again to share her deep wisdom and perspective on how stillness and spirituality can help us navigate through these challenging times and connect more deeply with ourselves. We are in a time of global evolutionary awakening, and there are lessons all around us. Listen to this episode to be inspired and learn the deeper questions to ask in order to come out of this even stronger.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How can I understand what I'm feeling?
  • What's the difference between feeling vulnerable and feeling fear?
  • What am I supposed to be learning right now?
  • What was your secret to not giving up in challenging times?
  • What can we do to deal with the fear that is arising around our economic and financial situation now?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to deal with our feelings and our fears and choose love.
  • The keys to being more focused and prepared for what’s happening.
  • How to deal with the fear of losing everything.
  • How to open yourself to give more love to this situation.
  • How this situation is giving us a true gift.
Impossible things free us in mysterious ways.”

Dr. Barbara De Angelis is one of the most influential teachers of our time, in the field of personal and spiritual development. For the past thirty-five years, she has reached tens of millions of people throughout the world with her inspirational messages about how to create a life of true freedom, mastery and awakening.

As a New York Times best-selling author, popular television personality and sought after motivational speaker, Barbara is legendary in the field of personal transformation as one of the first people to popularize the idea of self-help in the 1980’s, and as one of the first nationally recognized female motivational teachers on television. Through her sold-out seminars, TV and radio programs, publishing and speaking, she has created her own Barbara De Angelis brand, and is sought out not only by corporations, celebrities, and entrepreneurs, but by anyone who wants to learn how to transform themselves, their business, and their relationships from the inside out.

Dr. De Angelis is the author of fifteen best-selling books which have sold over ten million copies and been published throughout the world in twenty-five languages and has had an amazing four #1 New York Times Bestselling books. Dr. De Angelis’ television career has been just as far-reaching as her publishing career. She appeared weekly for two years on CNN, and has hosted her own daily television show for CBS TV, and her own popular radio talk show in Los Angeles. Dr. De Angeles has been a frequent guest on OPRAH, THE TODAY SHOW, GOOD MORNING AMERICA, THE VIEW, GERALDO, and POLITICALLY INCORRECT, as well as a regular contributor to E Entertainment and EYEWITNESS NEWS in Los Angeles.

Dr. De Angelis’ remarkable life achievements span over three decades, and she credits her dedication and unrelenting commitment to her own personal journey as the source of all that has come through her to millions of people. She is a serious seeker who has deeply immersed herself in spiritual practice and study from the age of 18, and spent many years in residence with several of the most renowned spiritual masters of our time. It is on the foundation of this profound inner wisdom that she offers her life-changing programs on “TRANSFORMATION FROM THE INSIDE OUT”.

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