No one is responsible for your happiness.

You are.

No one has power over you unless you allow them to have it.

The more you need other people and external events in life to be a certain way in order to feel free, the less free you will end up being.

When you take full responsibility for your inner experience you become powerful.

What are you making responsible for your current experience?

Who are you making responsible for how you feel?

Yes, things do happen in life that you can’t control. People say and do things you can’t control, this is unavoidable.

As human beings, we often fall into patterns of blame, finger pointing and making other people responsible for how we feel.

We say things like:

“ I feel bad because you were___________”

“ If you change, then I would feel happy”.

In an effort to feel peace, we tend to spend our energy trying to control other people’s behaviors to be what we want, so that we can feel happy. In doing so, you become a slave to what others do or don’t do.

This is the victim’s path.

And you are not a victim.

Lots of things happen in life that you cannot control, but you have the power to choose how you are going to respond to each situation.

It’s when you take responsibility for how you feel that you take your power back and that is when you access the power to choose and change your circumstance.

Nothing and no one is worth your freedom.

You hold the lock and the key.

At any moment you have the power to choose.

The degree to which you take responsibility for how you feel is the degree of freedom you will experience.

You are powerful.



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