The elections are finally over.

Regardless of who you voted for, Trump or Clinton,

Now what?

This is a wake up call, and we can no longer push the snooze button.

More than ever, we must all now step up and vote for Truth and Love in our lives. With every thought, action, intention, we are co-creating our world and future. We must do whatever it takes to raise our consciousness and evolve.

We can let the outer circumstances determine who we are going to be or we can consciously choose love. Each time we choose negativity or indulge in reactivity, we reinforce the current reality.

Yes, we can point the finger in blame. This is the easy thing to do. But consider that the level of your reactivity reveals the level of your projection.

Our leaders are a mirror manifestation of our own collective consciousness as a whole.

Don’t indulge in the drama, as energy flows to the point of your attention. It serves nothing by being part of the problem. Make a radical commitment to stop indulging in fear, especially your own. It takes the same amount of time to choose love as it does to choose fear.

Love has no opposition.

So either you are being part of the problem or being part of the solution.

Which are you committed to being?

What actions will you take now?

Many of us are shocked and in disbelief by the outcome of the election. It’s O.K. It blindsided many. So if needed, grieve, mourn, have a human moment, but let’s not stay stuck there perpetuating it through social media and conversations.

We each have a responsibility now to step up, rise above and make our vote count by how we LIVE our lives daily.

I believe that despite how things might seem, we are in a great time of awakening and purification. Have faith that on a bigger level, we are going through a spiritual process for the planet.

In order for true healing to happen, our shadow must come to the surface and be transformed. This is part of the healing process. We have suppressed so much for so long.

When the darkness comes to light, it won’t be pretty at first, and it’s easy to judge, hate and condemn it, but this only serves to reinforce it. We must choose to transform it through love and compassion, starting with ourselves.

As spiritual beings it’s easy to focus on only light. It’s easy to do a spiritual bypass and only want to focus on the light. But now it’s a time for us all as a humanity to face our shadows and acknowledge our darkness, or else it will silently consume us.

We are being forced to face our shadow directly now, those dark parts of ourselves, addictions, wounds, issues that lurk in the depths of our psyche that we have tried to hide. Donald Trump is serving to bring the underlying darkness that’s been buried a long long time to the surface of our collective awareness. We can attack him, but it just keeps us stuck at the very same level of consciousness of what we are attacking.

As we do our part to integrate and heal the parts of ourselves that we have disowned, we do our part to raise the consciousness of the entire planet. As a humanity, I believe we can heal and transform into the Jedi warriors we were born to be. But it must be through love.

A few of my friends have said that they will leave the country if Trump wins. My question is, “How will that help?” No matter which country you go to, there will be issues. There is no perfect place “out there.” There is no perfection in the world. Perfection lies at the depth of your BEING.

Let’s remember that Life is made of interdependent, polaric opposites. Life contains the whole. It contains duality. It’s the nature of life. Creation/Destruction. Black/White. Yin/Yang. It’s the Tao.

Love doesn’t run away when times get tough. More than ever, the world needs you to courageously step into the world and bring more conscious awareness from a place of compassion and love.

You cannot bring real change by going down to the same level of consciousness that created the problem.

We must rise up. And respond with love. Love is not an option. It’s a necessity, and it’s what we are.

Let us remember that we are on this planet to evolve.

Let us always remember that life itself is love school. And every situation, person, experience is an invitation to love. Yes, some more than others.

Donald Trump is a great opportunity to live your compassion and to put spirituality into practice. As well for some, it might be Hillary, your parents, boss, and whoever challenges you the most.

The newly elected president and everyone in your life that challenges you the most really need your prayers the most.

There is no more time to waste. It’s time to elect yourself and give your gifts to the world with a fierce urgency like never before.

So let’s not get so distracted by the circus show the media spins that we get sucked into the illusion and forget who we really are.

All experiences in the world are fleeting and transitory, so let us remember, “This too shall pass.”

Let’s also remember that the universe has been around a lot longer than you and I. The same Intelligence that birthed the galaxies, sun, moon, and all existence is the same Intelligence that’s unfolding everything as it is now.

We may not fully understand with our limited human minds what or why things are happening in a given moment. We must trust that everything is unfolding for our highest good and that of all beings.

And each of us has the responsibility to do our part to be the very change that we seek.

Our real work as a humanity is just beginning.

This is the mission we signed up for and reason we were born on planet earth at this unique time in human history.

No more waiting.

No more excuses.

No more projecting.

No more complaining.

The world is waiting for you.

No one is coming.

You are already here.

You. Are. The. One.



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9 comments on “The World Needs YOU Now. (Elections are over… Now What?)

  1. Jill on

    Thank you, Kute, for being a voice of love. The media truly does spin such negativity. We have to depart from their destructive criticisms and turn to the eternal truth within. Always challenge our shadows with love not hate. In love, Jill

    • Joanna on

      Couldn’t have said it better Jill Lets get together & make our country the best it can be ! Lets always strive to do better each day!

  2. Emily on

    yes yes yes – love is it. Starting a school based on the principles of love, just as you describe – this is a time for a conscious evolution of us all. It is time.

  3. Francesca on

    Beautiful, comforting words of reconcialiation, wisdom and trust in the bigger realm in which everything unfolds. And a reminder that we have the power to change the perception of everything through love and compassion. And the responsibility to do so. Thank you Kute!

  4. Erin on

    Thank you Kute for addressing this and for always leading with incredible compassion and real talk. We need to walk our walk now more than ever! Big hugs!! <3

  5. Natalie Viglione on

    I love all of this. It’s so easy to be surrounded by people that just keep ruining their lives over and over and taking others down with them (e.g.: drowning their sorrows in Xanax and anti-depressants, that is especially so in NYC). It becomes heavy and hard to be around. Thanks for the truths.

  6. Edith Kross on

    Well said! We all need to read these words. We are giving too much of our power to others. It is up to each of us to consciously be aware of our thoughts and reactions. Always be kind not everyone is at the same stage of evolution. Much love to you and all.

  7. Ginnie Givens on

    Thank you Kute, Wisdom well said. And the greatest is Love. Let’s all get along and except and be gracious.Nothing is by accident .


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