We all have moments in life when we do not know what to do.

We get confused. We are unsure. We don’t have clarity on the steps to take.

We often don’t like those moments and try to avoid them. But it is in those very moments that you don’t know what to do that have the potential to be the most powerful and transformative in your life.

However, sometimes the mind plays clever games creating false confusion to keep you stuck in a fog, preventing you from moving forward. It’s a way of avoiding the unknown.

Your next level of growth is outside of your comfort zone.

Often we get caught up in a familiar routine, doing the same thing over and over again. We already know what will happen next. We get comfortable creating an environment that we think we are in control of.

Soon familiarity breeds comfort and then you stop growing.

When you are no longer growing you are no longer alive. You become part of the living dead.

The real growth lies in the unknown.

To the degree to which you can embrace the unknown is the degree to which you will be free.

So how much freedom do you want?

When you’re at a point of not knowing what to do, most people either get afraid or panic, allowing their minds to create all sorts of negative future fantasies. This only disempowers you.

Or out of fear we tend to force the flow of life and begin desperately trying to make and will things to be a certain way. When you act from fear you are not in the flow and end up creating more situations to be afraid of.

When you don’t know what to do, doing what you have always done will only recreate more of what you got before.

In those moments of seeming unclarity, stop and become still. It’s time to listen to your soul. Deep inside there is a part of you that does know. But sometimes we are afraid to own our knowing because of the fear of the potential consequences.

When you don’t know what to do, trying to make a decision from your mind only keeps you going in circles. Have you noticed that the moment your mind tells you one thing, the next moment it tells you another…It’s never ending.

Go beyond the mind.

There is a deeper part of you that knows. When you don’t know what to do, don’t act from fear. It creates more of a mess, as well as stress.

Simply be still and allow but not wait. There is a difference between waiting and ALLOWING.

Waiting is living in the future. Waiting is thinking there is some other moment than now. Waiting is holding back your gifts now for some other special moment.

Allowing is something different. Allowing is letting the universe unfold it’s Grace in Divine timing. To me this is not waiting, but allowing the moment to be what it is.

When you fully embrace the gift that this moment has to offer, then there is no more waiting even if what you envision in your mind is yet to manifest in physical form.

When a farmer plants seeds he learns to patiently allow the seasons for harvest.

This is TRUST.

So when you don’t know what to do…Simply live this moment fully and authentically. All waiting ceases to be.

Then you just BE.

Trust life.



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8 comments on “What to do when you DON’T KNOW what to do!

  1. BETTY M on

    Thank you Kute. Duh…… so simple, so uncomplicated. I love the way you express “life on life terms’…..
    I will do my best to just relax and ‘NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO” and that’s ok. I know that in my head; I
    get soooo nuts at times. I know that it will take practice but I am willing to give it a go!!!!!
    love it
    thanks, you are so wise
    bless you and your work

  2. mary lyle ray on

    kute …….you are the absolute best….i dont understand why i have so much love to share with a man ….and keep getting played !! maybe i need st else to fill an uncomfortable void besides a man although i would think it could be magical ……

  3. Flower on

    I have given myself such a hard time for not trusting my knowing. I didn’t listen to my knowing for years! Knowing, can also feel going against the grain of what is ‘normal.’ People thinking that Im weird is the hardest thing for me.


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