We all go through those moments when we feel like giving up.

Whether you are facing a tough time in your relationship, struggling financially, or facing repeated failures in the pursuit of your dream…. Life can be challenging at times.

But anything worthwhile takes patience, perseverance and effort. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. On the path of greatness everyone is invited, but only a rare few have the courage and dedication to stay the full course.

If you are going through tough times right now remember that it is a season, and no season lasts forever. Even your most difficult time will pass.


Your challenges are gifts in disguise sent by the universe to strengthen your character. Your dreams chose you for a reason. And your dreams will take you on a journey of having to become the person who is capable of fulfilling the vision.

It’s often when things are challenging that we grow the most. So trust that you wouldn’t be going through the difficult situation if you weren’t ready or capable of handling it.

If you feel as though you have done everything you know how to do and things still aren’t working the way you wanted…

Don’t give up, simply surrender.

You have come to the limit of what you are capable of doing with your ego’s capacity to create your life. This a powerful moment in your life.

When you surrender you open to the possibility that something, better than you can currently conceive with your mind, is seeking to happen in your life.

When you surrender you go beyond trying to control your life with the limitation of your ego and you tap into the infinite power of your soul.

The 3 main reasons why things don’t manifest are:

  1. The goal that you are pursuing isn’t the most authentic for you, so you need to choose differently.
  2. The timing isn’t quite right yet, so be patient and find the deeper WHY that will keep you going.
  3. You aren’t fully ready yet, so learn your soul’s lessons and grow into the person life is inviting you to be.

Many times I see people give up right before their breakthrough. So if you feel your dream is truly right for you, then trust your inner knowing and persevere with all your spirit.

Your spirit is stronger than your situation.

But if in the process you realize that what you thought you wanted isn’t truly what you really want, then have the humility to release it, refocus and realign yourself with your heart’s deepest truth.

The only failure is living the life that you think you should be living rather than the life you know you are meant to be living!

Your success isn’t simply based on what you attain in the world but who you become in the process of life itself.

Life doesn’t care about your comfort but about your growth and you becoming the fullest expression of yourself as a human being.

Remember this:

Life might give you what you want.

Life may not give you what you want.

But you can always give life who you are.

It’s the degree that you love no matter what you may be going through that determines the quality of your life.



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18 comments on “What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up?

  1. Clara on

    What about giving up on a duty? I am involved in an inherited family business which I need to keep alive as my family literally lives from it including my parents. Is this my path, no, but it is my duty, I cannot give up even thou I feel like it many times, as well as I feel I want to run away and break free from it many times. My “Why” is that I want to take care of my family, that I want to keep alive what has been build up and to achieve financial freedom and security at some point in the future to give me and others the freedom to do what we really long to do. But still I get confused, as for me surrendering, not giving up and focusing is the way to handle it. But when I read your lines: “The only failure is living the life that you think you should be living rather than the life you know you are meant to be living” – I come to the conclusion, no, this is not the life I am meant for, but it is the life I have to live at this period of time (even if it is really long) it is my duty to live this life and first I need to fulfill it. Am I lying to myself, is the duty an excuse or is it my path and I need to keep walking in trust that it is part of the journey?

  2. Tammy Wekerle on

    Great talk Kute, it really is all about the journey and who you become along the way when you leave yourself open to the possibilities. I have blocked for far to long, but even that was part of the journey. I am learning to love the lessons instead of making them into victim stories that disempower me. I am seeing thru the rose colored lenses now and re-writing all of those stories so that I can extract the wisdom that came thru them. I will be in Bali May 9th thru June 1st. I was hoping you would be there, but it is not meant for our paths to cross this time around, but i have no doubt that they will at some point. I was hoping to even catch one of your talks in LA. I love your energy and admire your excitement. Thank you so very much for putting yourself out there to inspire others.

    • Kute Blackson on

      Thank you so much Tammy. I so appreciate everything you share with me and so happy you’ve been touched by this message! Look forward to keeping in touch.

  3. su on

    Thank you very much. So well said and delivered. Just what I need to hear. Actually, my life is unfolding magnificently. Sometimes I think it is going too fast and then sometimes I wish it would just speed up. but I have never seen so clearly who I Am and how I Am to express Here. Thanx for the healing words. Much negativity to process. Seems like old stuff, because it is. Don’t think it is coming around again. It is a wonderful time to be in human form. Thanx again.

  4. Dianne on

    I’ve been feeling empty, and my life meaningless. I feel isolated and lonely. Yet I know love surrounds me. I feel like I’m just existing, waiting for better times. I believe life should be lived to the fullest. Where is the passion? Where is the joy? I’m having trouble getting in touch with happiness.
    This video came at just the right time. Good insight. My soul is being sculpted. I surrender. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  5. Zora on

    Thanks – needed this right now! I agree on all three points! You might add, that sometimes you just need to REST. We are so distracted by this crazy ride of quickly-evolving life and all the frankly, incredibly amazing opportunities we ALL have, that it gets so overwhelming and we get so out of touch with ourselves, that we don’t even understand our bodies need a rest. More often than not, when I listen to body and give it what it wants (usually a rest, even if for a few moments), I am almost instantly perked up and ready to join the fray once more! A bit manic at times, but so much fun as well! Thanks again! 🙂

  6. Carrie Sechel on

    Thanks so much – this is an awesome message. I’m in the midst of a project that is incredibly challenging because I’m so blessed to have people guiding me who are pushing me to bring 100% every day. If I wasn’t being challenged I could finish the project and it would be OK. However, every day I commit to brining 100% of myself to the world and apparently the Universe hears me and is sending people to me to make sure I make good on my commitment!

  7. Paula on

    I don’t know how not be in control, but for the last 8 months I have been injured. I await a consult when surgeon then see. I live with my ex fiancé and I will be moving out. I make unemployment, but we both were out of work so we are behind. He isn’t helping because he says he has other more important things to worry about. I now have one room. Another room is stuffed in my room almost. 6 of his family members have moved in. I have no where to go, and all the furniture etc all is mine.
    I know I am supposed to be learning something. I go to therapy. I am about to lose my mind. I am lost. I put my hands in the air, but things keep on getting worse and worse.
    Help. I am lost.Paula.

    • Kute Blackson on

      Dear Paula, keep surrendering and trusting. Remember life delivers what you can handle. And deep within each challenge is a message your soul is seeking to learn. Listen to your soul. Sending you BIG BIG love!


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