Life is too short to waste spending your time in a job that you hate.

Every second that you have is so precious. To trade it for a job that you hate is a way of committing soul suicide.

Nothing is worth your freedom, happiness and joy.

You were put on this planet to express your soul’s magnificence, not live mediocrity and survival.

You were not born just to have a JOB, but to give your gifts and creativity to the world.

In fact your gifts don’t just belong to you, they belong to life itself. And part of the responsibility of being alive is to share the gifts within you.

The burning desire that you feel in your heart to share, create, love, and give is there for a reason.

Your dreams chose you for a reason. You are the perfect person capable of fulfilling it.

To settle for a job that you hate is to refuse your calling. To settle for a job that you hate is also a CHOICE that you make. You get what you settle for in life.

I hear many folks say “I HAVE to do this job!”

You don’t HAVE TO do anything. It’s a choice. I am not saying that there aren’t some consequences, but the moment you give up your power to choose, you become a slave.

The moment you own your power to choose then you also own your ability to change your circumstance.

Sometimes we are too afraid to admit how much we hate our job. To tell the truth to ourselves would mean there was no going back. So it can be easier to pretend, settle and rationalize.

If you are in a job that you hate make a decision to leave it. Once you commit, then the miracles start unfolding.

At the very least, set a date even if it’s in the future, rather than living in an open ended loop of sameness.

Once you set a date and commit to it, it becomes more real. Then you direct the power of your mind to figure out a way to make it happen.

If you hate the job that you are in, stop complaining. I see so many people complaining about the job they hate rather than actually doing something about it.

Complaining is a waste of time, serves nothing and only reinforces you staying stuck.

Then get clear on the job that you really want. What really lights up your heart? What do you love?

Whilst you are in your current job, even though you don’t love it, commit to doing the best job that you can. As you do this, you become the person worthy of the next level of opportunity in your life.

Then you don’t need to WAIT to leave the job you hate, but start loving wherever you are.

No matter what you are doing, bring love and give your very best.

Then each day make sure you are taking the actions towards creating the job that you really want. Ask yourself each day, “What did you do each day to move you towards your dream?”

Ultimately, your Job doesn’t define who you are. When you find happiness within yourself, doing what you are doing wherever you are, you are free. From this state of mind, you are much more likely to be productive and create your next level.

Let what you DO be a vehicle to express your highest self no matter what. Then you will not just have a job but a mission. And when you have a mission you will never “work” another day in your life again!

Life is short.

Life gives you no refunds. Don’t waste your time doing what you hate. You can’t take any of the money that you make with you when you die.

So whilst alive, boldly follow your soul’s calling and dare to go for your dreams!

Fortune favors the bold.



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6 comments on “What To Do When You Hate Your Job!

  1. Vicky on

    I totally agree with what you are saying. Thank you for reinforcing what I’m currently doing–finding what I can to be grateful for in the job I hate and work toward finding a way out. One small step at a time.

  2. Kristina on

    I had a reverse issue. I loved what I was doing, but I hated the way how I was forced to do it (the modern system) – I could have worked only on my own (which was not possible) or find “my people” who would teach me do it the way I yearned for (I was med. doctor). The problem was that I did not found these people, so I stopped my training. Rather to stop it than hate it even more. I started to hate medicine, and I thought it was the medicine, the patients, caring, helping people what I hate and that I was no fit to it -but actually I hated the way I was forced to do it.
    I am looking to find my love to medicine and to healing again. Hope to get a seconde chance and not let anyone to talk me out of it. Thank you, Kute, for this awesome video and possibility to grow ! Love.

  3. Kristina on

    I admit I was not (and still am not) in the level that my purpose requires
    . Not sure what my purpose is, my recent ideas is something about being a healer -the one that really heals, which is unimaginable to me, because I relied on tools, technics, knowledge, order in my job and I felt very insecure and incompetent because “something was missing”.
    Also, I want to say that since my experience with an acute severe illness, I stopped spending so much time in complaining about my situation…because I simply have no time for it (and I am grateful that I did not die). I don´t want to reexperience the suffering again to which the negative thoughts lead. It is not worth it.


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