You are born to LOVE.

It’s why you are here on this planet.

This Valentine’s Day whether you are in a relationship or not is not the point. Regardless of the form the point is; Are you loving fully?

Love teaches you to surrender. Surrender teaches you to love.

In order to love, you must surrender everything.

You must give up your resistances…Your fears…Your secrets…Your shame…Your blame… Your game…Your false sense of separation…Your pride…Your ego…Your judgments.

Real love is not a surrender to another person although it can seem that way. It is truly a surrender to your own true nature which is love itself.

You are alive and breathing because of love. Life loves YOU. Think about it…Regardless of what you do or don’t do life keeps living and breathing as you. This is real unconditional love.

Real love is beyond the body, the body fades.

Real love is beyond lust, chemistry, or emotion.

Real love has no opposite, it transcends duality.

When you tell God that you are ready for love…get ready, that is a courageous request!

It may not come in a way that you most expect. It may not give you what you thought you most wanted. It may not be comfortable at times…

Real love will find those deepest places inside you that resist truth. Real love shines light on the darkness that you have tried to hide.

Real love transforms. Real love will serve your soul more awake and force you to grow into more of your authentic self.

Love fully. Give everything. When you love fully you can never lose. The only thing you lose is your ego, which wasn’t real to begin with. Consider that whatever you lose in love you no longer need for where you are now.

Real love doesn’t care about your ‘B.S.’…It is only concerned with your liberation and true soul’s freedom. Real love will require releasing the lower for the higher until they become ONE.

Love is the only insurance plan, it’s the reason for which you were born.

So, this Valentines Day, keep it simple. Ask yourself, “What would love do now?”, and then act! …Then YOU become the gift!

This Valentines Day, don’t worry who your Valentine will be. Dare to make life itself your great lover and Valentine, and hold nothing back from every moment. Then you will find yourself in a great life long affair with life!

Are you loving life fully?

Make life your Valentine!

You are LOVE.



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P.P.S. I would love to know one thing you love about yourself in the comments below.

11 comments on “You are born to LOVE…The rest is just details.

  1. Ming on

    Thank you Kute!
    Yes! I AM the gift and I AM enough!!
    Remembering how we met at Ubud Aura 2 yrs ago.
    Man! Love your energy!!
    Thinking of coming to Australia??
    Let me know..
    Love and Light,
    Ming xxx

    • Kute Blackson on

      Hey Ming! Yes you are indeed! Australia is in my future, not sure as of yet when. Keep in touch via Facebook Ming! Much Love!

  2. Jane Su-Ming Lai on

    Yes! I AM enough, a wonderful magnificent creative Divine Being of LOVE!!
    Met you in Ubud Aura 2 yrs ago, love your energy care to share your love Down Under in Australia?? Call me!

  3. Bobbi Aqua on

    I have always felt that I got so lucky to run across you & so nice to run into you @ Ida’s with all the people fortunate enough to hang with you!!
    What I read here is proof of the above!!

    Blessings & looking forward to the next time!

    Bali, Indonesia

    • Kute Blackson on

      Hi Bobbi!!!!! Thanks for checking my blog out! Glad you enjoyed it! And yes, ’till next we meet, be well! Much Love!


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