Have you ever had a time when you felt something was not quite right, but didn’t trust your gut?

Or felt a sense to do something, but didn’t act on it?

Or felt bad vibes about a person, but ignored it?

Not listening to your intuition will cost you dearly and is not worth it.

When you don’t listen to your inner knowing, you betray yourself, and when you betray yourself, you set yourself up to be betrayed.

Your intuition is that deeper knowing beyond your mind’s logic.

Your intuition is the way that the Universe speaks and guides you.

Your intuition is the language of your soul.

Even when you think you don’t know what to do, there is always a deeper part of you that knows, whether you are listening is another question.

If you just listen to your mind’s analysis, chances are that you will remain confused, and despite making a decision, won’t feel a real sense of peace. The mind is filled with constant thoughts, one minute it tells you one thing, then another minute something else. There is no peace to the mind. The mind is full of duality.

On the other hand, if you listen and trust your soul’s guidance, you will feel a deeper sense of peace.

Your mind is limited, your soul is infinite. Your soul has an intelligence, and when you live in alignment with it’s guidance, miracles happen.

Let your mind be a servant to the wisdom of your soul. Your soul’s intuition will never steer you wrong.

Your intuition is usually accurate and will guide you on the journey that is highest for your soul’s growth, regardless of the actual physical outcome.

You will know it’s your intuition because you will feel the “rightness” of it. You might be a bit scared, but if you are honest, deep down you will feel that it simply feels right.

To truly trust your intuition and act on it, is to take responsibility for your reality and experience. When you do this, you own your power.

You are powerful beyond measure, and this is what we are sometimes afraid of. To step into your greatness fully requires listening to and acting on your intuition.

As you act from the depth of your intuition, you are in the flow of life and things become much more effortless and graceful.

There are many moments when what you are guided to do won’t make sense in the moment. It’s only when you act on your intuition that later life reveals the “Why?”

So when you feel something deeply, rather than over analyzing “Why?”, which will often paralyze you from taking action, simply be obedient to your deeper impulse. As you take a step, life reveals what you need to know as you need to know it.

The mind is always seeking to know, but life is always changing. Your soul already knows.

Start by feeling more deeply and tuning into your feelings. You can bring your attention to sensations in your body. Pay attention to the signs that life gives you too!

Then, be really honest with what you truly feel.  The more you trust yourself, the more your intuition will deepen and blossom.

As you listen and act on your intuition, you give up hiding, and there’s no more excuses.

When you own your knowing, you own the real power within you.

And when you own your power, you are able to rise above your limits and love your potential.

Your intuition is the key to your next level. So next time you feel a gut feeling, pay attention.

Trust it.

Act on it.

You are being guided by Life itself.



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6 comments on “The Power of Trusting Your Intuition

  1. Flower-Jayne on

    Kute, I feel you said the “I don’t know shit” especially for me!

    I spent years not listening to my intuition as people kept telling me I was wrong. Now I realise it was wrong for them, but right for me!

    I tried too long trying to fit in with family and friends; now I am finding that family are now accepting me as me. People that are more in tune with themselves are coming into my life.

    I am allowing my authentic self to flow, and my health is improving, I starting come out of a shell and allowing my personality, creativity & sassiness to shine.

    Thank you. Big Hug.

    Flower x

    • Kute Blackson on

      Great insight Flower! Happy you connected with my blog. Keep on trusting. Your authentic self knows all!! Much love to you.

  2. NN on

    Kute, this hit deep. I am currently in a tangled mess because I did not trust my intuition. I did exactly what you said and I allowed friends, family and logic to guide my decisions. I dated a wonderful sweet man who could to fulfill me on a deeper level for many years. I knew that were many things missing, but I never acted on it. I never owned it. Now I am in a complicated mess with another little one in the middle and the relationship though safe is still unfulfilling. I wish I took a risk on love. I took the logical route and not the route of my heart. It landed me in very shameful predicament. Despite the things I have learned in this process, the biggest lesson has been exactly what you said, ‘WHAT IS MY TRUTH?”

    God bless you for this message

  3. Simply Anjali on

    This is something when you do not listen to your brain but your heart. An insight which is acquired by your soul. Somehow I feel intuition is a treasure to find the universe within. So as you said “Trust it”! Thanks for sharing such a detailed info.

  4. Andrew Youssef on

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