“It is better to give than to receive.”

There is so much talk about why giving is good but very little about receiving.

Have you ever wondered, “How does one receive love?”

If no one received no one could give. There is no giving without receiving. They are two sides of the same coin and both equally important.

Are you truly open to receiving love?

If not, why not?

Sometimes it can be safer to be the one that gives all the time.

To receive love requires that you allow yourself to be vulnerable. You cannot receive love by closing your heart. This is why it can be so difficult, because it requires that you open your heart to let love in and allow yourself to be touched by another human being.

To receive love requires that you acknowledge that whilst you are whole and complete, as a human being it’s natural to need love and connection.

Part of the vulnerability of receiving love is that you might risk getting hurt. The other person might withdraw their love, die, betray you, change their mind, and more. And this could hurt you deeply.

Sometimes it can seem safer and easier to NOT let love in and try to keep your heart safe. But in doing so, you end up missing out on so much love and connection.

From very early on as children we are taught that if you:


Are a good girl/boy.

Eat all the food on your plate.

Get all A’s at school.

Be nice.

The list goes on….

Then you will be worthy to receive love. We learn often unconsciously that in order to receive love we must do certain things, be a certain way, attain specific goals and once we do, THEN we will be worthy of love.

This is a lie.

What have you told yourself that you need to do or achieve before you are worthy to receive love?

You are worthy not because of anything that you did or accomplished but simply because YOU ARE!

You are worthy to receive love just because.

So allow yourself to be open to receiving love.

Chances are there are many more people in your life willing and waiting to give to you than you might be allowing or open to. Look around, let yourself receive their love and support.

One of the keys is to make a decision to allow yourself to receive love and be more open.

Decide now. It’s one of the most powerful decisions of your life.

When you allow yourself to receive, you also give a gift to the person that is giving to you. You give them the gift of being able to give to you. When they give to you they access more love in their own heart.

The nature of energy is that it must circulate and flow. Giving and receiving allows the natural flow of energy.

When you allow yourself to receive love, you bring yourself into the flow.

Receiving love is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and another.



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10 comments on “How To Receive Love

  1. Soyolmaa on

    Hi Kute!
    I am a Mongolian, living in Budapest for 20+years now.
    You are an amazing role for us and for the world! You are speaking the truths! This resonates to me so deeply and my relationships…
    Each one of us is worthy for all good! Let’s all be open to receive all the love, life has to offer for each of us. Love is all there is. Namaste.

  2. Kristina on

    Receiving is a blessing for someone else, I allow them to be loved, to expand their capacity to love…love it !
    I am not opened to receive …I fear the pain and disappointment I feel when people are not capable of giving what I need, the ignorance, neglect or taking my needs for granted. I tend to close my heart to receive as I cannot imagine that after many bad receiving-experience from childhood, adulthood, I could feel some bliss in receiving instead of pain. As a child, I must have decided to be independent, to solve my problems on my own, not to need anybody, to overgive to others. Also, I fear that it is rare to meet someone who has a similar capacity to give as me (I´d stay forever in the earning the receiving from others by giving to them). Yes, this is a very sad topic for me. I decided that I no longer want receive crumbs because I am worthy of receiving big things, those which I need, which means I must say no to “crumbs-receiving” (not good enough for me) and wait for something better in my life to receive.

  3. Kristina on

    Just in who I am, the core essence is perfect (came from a perfect Universe). I often wait until I do this or that to earn the worthiness to receive (when I can tell to myself, “you did this or that well”, if you die, you had made something here, you earned something…) A newborn child did not do anything, did not earn anything, still he or she is being loved (by most of people) and the child receives and receives -apparently he or she knows that ” I am worthy just because I am”. I remember how I told it everybody around several years ago, until I got into troubles and somehow..nobody was telling or showing this to me and one treated me “not worthy”…a big proof. I am worthy of receiving despite others or some life event want to persuade me that I am not.

    • Kute Blackson on

      keep Loving now Kristina! And Every ounce of loving you have given will come back to you, though perhaps not from the person you expect it from!!

  4. Kristina on

    I also think that I am taking from someone when I receive, someone will have less. I don´t know why it should be me who receives (it feels immoral to receive without giving back -unworthy of me). I will try to be opened to the nature, trees, wind, and see that it is giving to me.


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