You are allowed to outgrow people.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t love them. It just means that you are growing.

Not everyone will stay with you an entire lifetime and that’s ok. Holding back your light to make others feel comfortable is soul suicide.

The greatest gift that you can give the world is to be magnificent. You don’t need to make an excuse for your greatness. You don’t need to hide your light in order to fit in.

You attract people into your life because they were a vibrational match at that particular time. They reflected parts of yourself back to you.

However, as you grow and evolve, unless they grow and evolve, likely your connection will no longer be in alignment.

It can be painful to feel that you and the person that you love have gone in different directions and no longer connect in the same way.

We often hold ourselves back from growing out of false loyalty, over-responsibility and fear.

This serves no one. Neither you or them.

When you give yourself permission to be magnificent, you also give those around you the invitation to step into their own greatness too!

So if you have reached a place where you and a friend no longer connect, rather than holding on, simply thank them for the gift they were in your life.

Acknowledge the role they served in your soul’s evolution and journey.

Bless them on their way.

Even though the form of your relationship may change, the love you have for them can remain forever.



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8 comments on “What To Do When You Outgrow Your Friends

  1. JUNE on

    I love your posts, Kute. I wish I had known you when I was about 13/14. My life would have been easier. I’m now 83.

  2. Diana on

    This is superb. What you say is somehow what I have been feeling but not courageous enough to put into words – or actions. Thank you so much.

  3. Kelsey on

    This is so true! And such a good way to put it. Loved this video very relatable to my life right now. Wow.
    I will defiantly be sharing this with my sister I think with what she is going through right now watching this will bring her clarity.

  4. Janet on

    Hi Kute,

    You’re an excellent motivational speaker – perhaps the best I’ve listened to on youtube…and I’ve listened to a lot! Can you please do a video on this topic, but regarding parents or close family. What do you do when you love your family, but they are controlling, manipulative and abusive? In my case, my siblings and I are all adults, but they interfere with our lives in negative ways, and try to stunt our growth in order to control – yet call it love. It is extremely hard to call them out on what they do, because it is covert and the rest of the family gangs up. It would be hard to go no-contact, as they are persistent and would play victim, including pretending to be sick. They are intent on extending web of control to spouse and children. Any advice would be appreciated.

  5. Janet on

    In other words, from a spiritual perspective, how would you deal with close family members who are incredibly controlling, and would probably be vindictive if you tried to extricate yourself, as they would rather persistently try to make your life miserable than face themselves? Thank you.

  6. patricia on

    Thank you, what a powerful message! This takes courage. I hate goodbyes, but now I know they are necessary for the good of my life.


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