Life is for the courageous.

It takes courage to really live.

It takes courage to really love.

It takes courage to be who you really are.

To play small, settle for unfulfilling relationships, give up on your dreams, succumbing to addictions or indulging your fears, takes no courage at all.

But to face yourself, daring to question who you are, your stories, releasing your past, this takes courage.

It takes real courage to let go of the control that you think you have over your life.

So often we try to figure out and control our lives. We think the answer is to know where we are going and to have a detailed plan for everything.

The degree to which you need to know and control is the degree to which you live a limited life.

Life is a wild adventure full of twists and turns, unexpected surprises, challenges and beauty.

Life is messy, it contains the whole range of the rainbow of emotions and experiences, to live it fully is a risk.

There will be heartbreak. There will be death. There will be pain.

This is life.

Challenges are unavoidable. They are part of what make you stronger and give your soul a workout so that you can become all that you were meant to be.

Every moment of life is a beautiful adventure. Life isn’t beautiful because it’s perfect but because it contains everything.

To live life fully, giving your all, knowing there are no guarantees, takes courage.

To love fully, knowing that every relationship eventually will come to an end, takes courage.

To keep the faith, despite failure and rejection, takes courage.

We sometimes think that we need to eliminate fear in order to move forward.

However, courage doesn’t mean the absence of fear. But real courage is to move forward despite feeling afraid.

What courageous choices do you need to make at this moment of your life?

Leaving a job that is uninspiring?

Ending an unfulfilling relationship?

Starting a new business venture?

Speaking the truth to those around you?

Deep down you know what you must do. It’s often the choices that scare you the most that are the ones that cause you to grow.

Choose to be courageous!

Your soul is READY!

You have one life to live.

Live with no regrets.




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