When you blame you become lame.

Blaming keeps you stuck in the same game of repetitive patterns.

You simply give your power away to that which you blame and allow it to control your freedom. You give away your power to change.

Who or what are you blaming in your life?


Things do happen in life that are painful.

This is true.

But to hold onto the anger and resentment simply keeps you stuck in the past.

Sometimes we create a story about what happened or should have happened. To the degree you allow your past story to define your present experience, is to the degree you will suffer.

When you blame you choose to be a victim. In doing so you disown your own power.

When you blame you dishonor yourself and how strong you really are. Instead you end up buying into the illusion of someone or something you are not.

When you blame you also dishonor those that you point the finger at, forgetting who they really are and the lessons you are meant to learn.

To continue blaming can be an excuse for actually doing something to change your current situation and yourself. It can sometimes be easier to blame than to make the change you know is needed.

You always have a choice in any given moment as to how to respond, and it’s those choices in your past that have created your current situation. However, it’s your choices in the present that will determine your future.

It takes courage to stop blaming and take responsibility.

This is a true HERO.

This level of responsibility is what is required to be an authentic leader.

No excuses.

No blame.

Your willingness to take this level of responsibility is the key to your freedom.

You will experience freedom in direct proportion to the level of responsibility you take for what happens in your life. Then you can learn the lessons for the particular relationship or experience you find yourself in.

You attract to yourself what your soul most needs to learn at any given moment. There are no accidents in life. Just make sure you learn the lessons so that you can grow to the next level.

No one owes you anything. God has given you everything you need already to create universes. When you blame and wallow in feeling sorry for yourself you miss your own amazing gifts.

So rather than begging for help, be the help to those around you as well as yourself.

No one is coming to save you.

Not your parents.
Not a white knight.
Not the government.

……Because you are already here.

You are the one you have been seeking.

You are it!



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5 comments on “Give up the Blame Game. Be your own HERO!

  1. H on

    Your blame perspectives are workable yes to a degree that I am asking though would U consider writing about the functional difference between blame and historical fact for functional purposes? Yes it is others perogative whether or not they eVer take responsibility for what is theirs or their part yet we cannot take blame ourselves for things we have not done and are not responsible for, correct? (..as in functionally factually legally) How then does a forgiving attitude and no emotionally blaming verbiage also accomplish legal justice for someone who does take responsibility for their part yet still needs the legal system to do its part for where the other party will not?

  2. Erin on

    I love this interview and love her simple, honest and joyful spirit.
    And how sweet is that bundle of divinity!? You look great with a baby in your lap. A nice reminder to relax and just follow your heart. Precious Kute, thank you!

  3. Andrea on

    Not only blaming others but giving credit to them is not being fully responsible and is also dishonoring of the WHOLE.

    As we take full Responsibility for ALL in our lives, we empower ourselves and anything that is not Love is revealed. As long as we either blame OR credit anyone, any event, any institution, etc. for our challenges or gifts, we keep ourselves in the old the 3D world.


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