So what is “spiritual to you?

There are so many books today giving rules and guidelines for being spiritual.

You cannot NOT be spiritual.

Whether you are in tune with that awareness or not, at your core you are pure spirit.

Spirituality is that state of expanded awareness where you experience your universality. As you remember who you really are, you remember who another really is.

We are One.

So what if you dropped the idea that you have of what “spiritual” should be based on someone else’s concepts?

That spiritual is:

– Speaking a certain way

– Only eating certain foods

– Going to sleep at a certain time

– Making certain sounds

– Dressing or not dressing in a certain manner

– Being only interested in certain things

– Listening to only a certain kind of music

– Etc.

What if being truly spiritual had nothing to do with any of that?

What if being spiritual wasn’t simply about what things looked like on the surface but was more about the state of your consciousness? …To be connected to the source of who you REALLY are and living that in an authentic way.

Then regardless of what you do, wear, or look like on the surface, everything you do is spiritual simply because spirit is what you ARE.

“Spiritual” is BEING authentically who you are and living it. It’s who and what you are. There are infinite ways that it can look and be expressed in the physical world.

We sometimes create limited prisons for ourselves based on how we define being spiritual. If your concept of what spiritual is, is determined by your limited conditioning based on your past, cultural programming or parental conditioning, your freedom is limited.

Being truly spiritual is to live outside of the defined boxes, labels, and to be yourself fully.

Acting spiritual doesn’t make you spiritual.

You ARE pure spirit already.

If we aren’t careful, even being “spiritual” can become another trap that limits your authentic expression. Where you try to fit yourself into some preconceived idea of what you think “spiritual”should be rather than being authentically you.

When you drop your idea of what you think being “spiritual” should look like based on what you’ve been told or read in a book, then you can go deep within and listen to the authentic intelligence of your own spirit.

As you allow your true nature to guide you, each step of the way, you begin to naturally live a spiritual life as a result.

When you drop your concept of what “spiritual” should be, then you are free!

When you let it all go, then you can open beyond your mind and find out how your spirit wants to express through you, moment to moment.

Ultimately, to be spiritual is simply to be your SELF.

Your real SELF that is beyond your conditioning.

The best way to contribute to the world is to be YOU.

Be your SELF.

And be FREE.



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One comment on “Give up trying to be spiritual…Just be YOURSELF!

  1. Tess Tricks on

    I really loved this, thank you! I feel a need to give up “my self” (thoughts/ideas/others perceptions of who I am) and i didnt know how to get in touch with the source (as you call it) all the time so i looked to others for guidance and lost myself in their ideas. I understand from your words that everything is inside me, i must just be in touch with it. Thank you.


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