We come together in relationship with another for our evolution and growth.

The people you attract are simply mirror manifestations in that moment in time that reflect who you are.

The friends that you attract to you reflect your current level of consciousness.

You attracted friends into your life because at that time you were a vibrational match and you had certain lessons to teach each other.

The success of a friendship isn’t about the duration that you stay friends with someone, but the degree to which you both grow, evolve, and become more authentically your true Self.

Staying in a friendship where you are both no longer growing simply because of obligation, guilt, or because you made a commitment years ago, is not success.

Who you are when you first met your friend won’t necessarily be who you will be a year from now, let alone 10 years from now.

Authenticity is to feel the depth of who you both are now, and fully be in the moment together with total honesty and love.

Then you can see if you are both still a vibrational match for each other today not based on a commitment made years ago.

The real success of friendship isn’t simply how many years you have been friends, but how much you grew and realized your authentic self.

True friendship is when you come together with a commitment to serve each other’s soul evolution, and grow together in a similar direction at a similar pace.

As you both serve each other’s evolution and keep growing together, then your relationship can keep reinventing itself to higher levels, rather than staying a stale version of what was.

When one person stops growing or no longer has a commitment to serve the other, it begins to shift the dynamic.

The question to ask is simply, “Are we both growing as Souls, becoming more expanded, loving, and authentic versions of ourselves in this friendship?”

If the answer is no, and there is no more commitment to serve each other’s growth, then your friendship is over.

So long as there is a commitment to serve each other, even if it is challenging (which friendships can be), you can keep growing together.

Certain people show up in your life to simply serve a function of helping you see a part of yourself that you get to reclaim or heal.

A friendship might last a few weeks, months, years or a lifetime. But you come together to learn those lessons and once those lessons are complete.

So if it’s time to let a friend go, honor them, thank them, bless them, and release them with total love, with full gratitude that it has served it’s purpose.



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One comment on “How To Deal With Letting Go of Friends That You Love

  1. D M on

    Exactly what I needed right now. What you say is exactly what I have been thinking but to hear this confirmation aloud has come at just the right time. Love does not change even if its form changes. Thank you, thank you!


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