You have no control of what other people think about you.

The only control that you have is over yourself, and how you respond.

You responsibility is not to make others happy but to be yourself fully.

People’s opinions of you reflect more about themselves than about you. So don’t take it personally. Just because they judge you a certain way, or have a negative opinion of you, doesn’t mean it’s true.

It’s just their opinion. It’s their perception, and perception is not reality.

Our perception is a projection based on our current level of consciousness which is determined by our conditioning and experiences.

So make peace with who you are, and who you aren’t. The more you love and accept yourself, the less you will seek it from others.

What other people think about you is none of your business. And whether right or wrong, they have a right to their opinion.

Nothing and no one is worth your freedom.

So make a choice to take full responsibility for your happiness. No one has the power over you unless you give it to them.

No one has the power to make you feel a certain way unless you allow it.

In order to be truly free, choose to unhook yourself from the opinions of other people, BOTH negative and positive.

You do not need to defend yourself from other’s projections or opinions. Focus on yourself and your own inner truth.

Instead of convincing someone who doesn’t see you clearly of who you are, simply let how you live your life be your response.

When you are committed to living a purpose bigger than yourself, you find that you don’t have the time or energy to fixate on the petty negative opinions of people in your life. You are too busy playing a bigger game.

So when people think or speak negatively about you, rather than attacking back, simply respond with love.

Don’t let their smallness bring you down to that level.

Love offers no opportunity for a fight or any sort of opposition.

Those that judge you, attack you and hate you are the ones most in need of your love.

They are angels in disguise giving you the gift of opening your heart wider and living love more boldly.

Step up, love bigger and bless them.



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6 comments on “How To Deal With Other People’s Negative Opinions

  1. Cali on

    PERFECT TIMING Kute! I am shining sooooo bright in my passions and purpose, I feel it’s scaring some people and they aren’t sure how to react. Many thanks! Excited to see you on Tuesday.

  2. Shelea Bessette on

    Mr. Kute Blackson!
    Beautiful Soul!! We’ll understand that I never ever post to anything, so please note how moved I am in this present moment to make this
    comment. This Saturday morning I decided to delay my run, and turned on my computer and the first thing I did was open your message.

    I am smiling and I quite literally burst into out loud laughter and amazement… Who are you?? Here’s why… For many years now
    My statement has been ” Your opinion of me is NONE of my business” ” I neither have to Explain, Defend, nor Justify myself to any
    Earthly being” ” I Love the way God made me; God made NO Mistakes when he made me.”

    What I have learned the hard way… For you beautiful Soul (Mr. Blackson)

    The more “(PURE)” you are in the eyes of the Divine, the more you will be a threat (a enemy to put down) for those of Dark Forces.
    So we should not be surprised if they seek to separate us from our path, because we are the kind of persons that they FEAR the most.
    We deprive them of their scope for action and we frustrate them incredibly, so we should always expect them to react. I have learned
    to not be afraid to go ahead and leave y footprints, because the power that lives inside me and I see clearly that lives inside you also
    is far superior to those entities. I have over the years and now fully understand, that this power that lives inside me as well as millions
    others is a Salutary Power and I and you and millions of others have earned it (won it) before our arrival on this earth, it has saved me.
    For you particularly it will notably safe many others, thereby you will know how to use it to save an impressive number of people.

    I have no doubt that your video this morning brought peace and serenity to so many beautiful and loving souls. So many will heal
    in their broken and battered hearts, to know it is not upon them that they have to wring themselves dry with tears over the bitter
    and harsh words and deeds of people who are simply sad and unhappy, and further themselves battered and broken.

    Thank you! I have read all the books been to see the best, this morning you made my day. I felt the rhetoric was laid aside and I saw
    a purity of truth. What disappoints me most, is those that speak (unknowingly for most) in rhetoric … To teach of Love, one must
    teach how to survive daily and still stand and move lovingly throughout the routine of each day.
    You accomplished this in you short video. Though I am new to you, I look forward to meeting you and seeing more words of truth
    from you. Amazing … Short and to the point, I loved it.
    I wish you all the blessings God can grant an apostle of Good deeds.

    Shelea Bessette

    P.S. Stop stealing looking in my Brain! LOL!!

  3. Michelle on

    I’ve struggled with this very topic and this was very helpful. Thank you!

    However…The one question that keeps coming up for me and is a problem and I would like to know how I can deal with this? What if someone’s opinion is keeping me back from opportunities because that person is spreading lies or their negative opinions to others that are keeping me from getting the opportunity? I feel powerless over this and what do I need to do to get my power back and not give my power to them??? How do I get ahead with such roadblock??? I would appreciate your insight and advice on this. I’ve struggled with this and has been a huge block for me.


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