What’s your greatest temptation?

For some of us it’s chocolate, sex, marijuana, alcohol, food, gossip, cigarettes, cookies, soda, porn, pain killers, sugar, social media, etc.

Your temptations are your greatest stepping stones for growth.

When you simply succumb to your temptations you become a slave.

There comes a point in your life where in order to grow you must free yourself.

Whenever you are about to go to the next level in your life you will be tempted with the very thing that has kept you stuck. It’s a test to transcend, don’t be fooled!

Let me repeat: It is simply a test.

The temptation is showing up for you to step into a higher level of yourself. It’s an opportunity for you to let go of the lower and choose the higher.

When you say “No” to the temptation, impulse, urge, that you feel, you are in fact saying a bigger “Yes” to your soul’s freedom.

When you shift your perspective, you see that saying “No” is no longer a limitation. Instead your “No” is in fact a liberation and choice of power.

Real freedom isn’t doing whatever you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want, however many times you want.

This is just to be a slave to your desires, addictions and biological impulses. Real freedom is to truly be able to choose rather than being controlled by your addictions.

There comes a moment when you know that it’s time for you to step into your greatness and bring yourself to a higher level of expression. You cannot do it by doing what you have always done.

Whenever you feel an urge, or addictive impulse, it might seem really strong or overpowering in the moment…

Acknowledge it.

Breathe…Relax the fixed point of attention of your desire.

Connect with your entire body.

Bring yourself present in the moment.

Embrace the impulse that arises. You will find that as you are simply with it the energy/ impulse will pass. It won’t last forever, it will subside.

You are not the urge or impulse. It might seem real in the moment but chances are you already know that to indulge it only leads to emptiness.

When you are able to be with your addictive desire, without indulging it or judging, then you can really explore what is actually underneath your impulse.

What are you really seeking?

What are you really hungry for? And then find a healthy way to fulfill your deeper desire and longing in a healthy way. When you act on the lower impulse, it might feel “good” in the moment. But once the cheap high wears off, you are usually left with a feeling of shame and emptiness. If you should fall and end up indulging in your temptation; Give up judging yourself. This doesn’t help, it just reinforces the cycle of shame which only drives you to do it again. Be compassionate. Forgive yourself. As you connect with your spirit you connect with a deeper source of fulfillment and bliss…then the less you seek it outside.

Your temptations are a wonderful gift pointing you in the direction of what it is that you really are seeking.

Each time you say “No” to your temptations is an act of power. You transcend. This unlocks the gate to the next level of your success as you become the highest version of yourself necessary to fulfill it!

It’s in transcending the test that you earn the right for the next level of your life.

Your temptations give you the opportunity to stand strong in your commitment to your highest integrity and truth. And as you do so they lose their power over you.

You hold the key.

You hold the power.

It’s your time to step up.

You are ready!



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P.P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts about how you deal with your temptations in the comments below.

2 comments on “How to deal with your TEMPTATIONS and be FREE!

  1. lance on

    Feels good to read your postive influence. I cant agree more.

    I actually had a strong craving for drugs last night. I felt sick and body weak. I was feeling helpless but decided to just sleep off the feeling. Tonight, my friends were looking for me, probably wanted to get high. I got a message on my mobile and I decided to just delete it. Glad to have read your message. It reinforces the power of choice. The power of ‘no’ and yes to thyself. Thank you.


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