Life is challenging.

Accept and make peace with that.

There will always be ups and downs. It’s the nature of being in a human experience.

Don’t pray for life to get easier.

Instead work to develop your inner strength and resilience so that you can handle the challenges that life throws your way.

Your challenges are gifts in disguise sent by the universe to strengthen your character. Your dreams chose you for a reason. And your dream will take you on a journey of having to become the person who is capable of fulfilling the vision.

It’s often when things are challenging that we grow the most. So trust that you wouldn’t be going through the difficult situation if you weren’t ready or capable of handling it.

Many times I see people give up right before their breakthrough. So if you feel your dream is truly right for you, then trust your inner knowing and persevere with all your spirit.

Your spirit is stronger than your situation.

Remember that no matter what you are going through, every experience is temporary. Nothing lasts forever no matter how difficult it may seem whilst you are in it.

Your soul chose to be here, and there must be a reason. You incarnated into this human experience in order to learn lessons, to grow and evolve. There may be experiences that you need to go through in order to grow through so that you can become the highest version of yourself.

Each experience is preparation for your soul to fulfill it’s purpose.

You may not be able to see it in the very moment, but if you are willing to trust, life will show you the reason that things didn’t work out the way you wanted it to.

Trust that when things don’t work out how you want them to, they are working out exactly how they are meant to for your highest growth. Be open to the possibility that they are working out better than you can imagine.

If you think that you have blown God’s plan for your life, rest assured, you aren’t that powerful.

Life doesn’t always give you what you want, but I believe that it gives you what you most need in order to become who you are meant to be.

Life is incredibly short. It’s over in the blink of an eye. Every second you have on earth is a privilege.

Stop worrying and overthinking things, instead savor each moment. Slow down and really enjoy every second.

You are not meant to do life perfectly, so don’t be afraid to get messy. Failure is just a new beginning and a learning opportunity.

True champions don’t always succeed, but they never fail.

They never fail because they always grow and learn from every situation, relationship and experience.

This is why they always win.

They are always evolving.

This is the champion mindset.



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