4 comments on “How To Develop Your Intuition

  1. Mireya on

    Good talk. I recently noticed that I am always up and down in emotions. I let outside forces get to me too much. I am working on just being and always welcome that inner piece that true voice inside me. I agree that deep down we all know what we want. I have always known but it’s the execution of it that I stumble. I believe in my art but feel like I need to work with me to be able to fully express it in such a relatable way. Today I opened up an email from work and it said a possible return date. I guess teach so I can work on my art and I panicked a little. I was scared because as much as I love being in the classroom I am an artist and want to earn a living with my work. Immediately I know I have to really put my work out there. Me going around doubting isn’t helping. Either I am all in or not. Thanks for this talk and for reading this if you have.

  2. Bethany on

    This is sooo funny. I wrote a piece about connecting to my intuition. Then heard this. Very aligned. Will take this into my meditation today. Thank you, Kute πŸ™πŸ½

  3. norma zamit on

    I listen to my intuition a lot; the goal is always. I found
    your talk spot on correct. I listened because wanted to
    see if there was something more to learn. What i did receive was
    a validation for what I know.
    We humans are experiencing information overload these days
    . Thank you for making your talk available for others to hear and
    keeping the talk short.
    Wishing you continued successes,

  4. Cecilia on

    another really good way to exercise your ‘intuition muscle’ is to travel alone …you’ll have to make decisions quickly at every turn, sometimes in environments that are really unfamiliar and you might not even speak the language….but you’ll learn very quickly to listen and trust your intuition (especially if you are female!)…happy & safe travels..πŸ™πŸ˜Š


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