Stop waiting for The One.

Everyone you are in a relationship with is the ONE. They are the one that you are meant to be with at that time.

Until you are not.

Each person you have attracted into your life is a manifestation of yourself. They are a mirror reflecting to you parts of yourself. They show you the aspects of yourself that you most need to heal, own, embrace, integrate and make peace with.

Each person you are in relationship with is “The One” for as long as you are with them. You attracted each other because there are important lessons that you have to teach one another.

So ask yourself:

Why have I attracted this person into my life?

What lessons is my soul seeking to learn?

All lessons are repeated until learned. So commit to learning the lesson for which you and your partner came together to teach each other.

You might break up with your partner seeking for a better “one” but know that you will simply attract the same lessons, patterns and dynamics in another relationship, even though the person might be different.

You cannot run from yourself. Wherever you go there you are. And you take yourself with you.

Embrace EVERY relationship as a profound opportunity to grow and evolve into the highest version of yourself.

A successful relationship is about two people who are both committed to each other’s growth and evolution, and are going in a similar direction, at a similar pace.

Sometimes we have this fantasy idea that “The One” will come in a perfect package and there will be no issues. Or we have a preconceived idea of what we think we want.

I believe that “The One” will come in the form of a person that will most serve your soul’s highest evolution. And as a result cause you to grow the most!

Simply put, they might not fit your ego’s limited idea of what you want, but rather will meet your soul’s deeper longing of what it is seeking to experience. Hence the term soulmate.

They will challenge you to expand everything you know about yourself, relationships, and love. They are an invitation to love bigger. They are an invitation to meet yourself.

Let me make clear that it doesn’t have to be pain or suffering though. And it might not necessarily be bliss, and lightness all the time.

The person who is the one will find those places within you that need healing and tend to bring up your most unresolved issues to be dealt with.

This is a great gift. And if you embrace the gift that they are giving you to evolve rather than run away, you are then both able to work through the challenges that arise consciously, compassionately and with intention. This will only lead to a bigger love and more authentic relationship.

Every single relationship you experience is a gift. Each has it’s unique blessing for your growth and evolution. Whether you are with that person for one week, one month, one year, or a lifetime doesn’t matter. It’s not the length of time that you stay together that matters but the depth with which you loved and the degree to which you grew in the relationship.

So rather than holding back your loving, as you wait for who you think will be “The One”, give everything you have with whomever you are with. In doing so you expand, and when you love fully you gain no matter what.

Each relationship prepares you. Sometimes we can be impatient to meet “The One”. But if you actually met your life partner before the right time, you may not have been ready for what the relationship might require.

Trust Divine timing.

So rather than spend your energy seeking for The One, clear away whatever blocks you from opening your heart and being love fully.

Ultimately everyone you meet is The One.

There is only one of you.

There is only one consciousness manifesting as us all.

We are one.

BE the ONE.



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6 comments on “How To Know If the Person You’re in Relationship with Is THE ONE?

    • arlene on

      Hello Kute,

      I truly enjoy listening to your messages. They inspire, and actually light a fire in me to be a better person, do better things, love more and be more and live more!
      Thanks for sharing your videos as they inform as well as reinforce things I may have known but have forgotten.
      Continued success to you.

      • Kute Blackson on

        Thank you Arlene!! Your words are inspiration to me! Keep on loving and sharing your gifts!!! Much love to you.

  1. kati on

    this is such a mirror of what i feel. i am so very thrilled that you have given voice through the wisdom that you are, to what my heart has known for so long. now i have another who can share with my children the underlying source of my decision to end my 30 years marriage to their father. now i can share this with my friends who are also in the same circumstance and looking for the most explicit way to share their heart’s reasons for choosing to complete a relationship. i am so very grateful that you share your wisdom in the profound clarity and love that you do.

    • Kute Blackson on

      Big love to you Kati!!! Thank you for sharing your love and heart. And YES!… share with all of those in your life. See the mirror and trust in your own wisdom. Keep shining your light and spreading your love!


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