There are millions of diets out there.

Eat vegetables.

Drink your pee.

Don’t drink water.

Only juice.

Don’t juice, only blend.

Eat only protein.

No carbs.

It can all be confusing as hell!

If you listen to everything out there you might end up eating nothing at all.

I don’t believe there is one right diet that fits for all people. We are all unique individuals with unique needs. Everybody’s body is different. A diet that may work for someone else may not work for you.

Don’t try to follow someone else’s diet. Instead feel into and find what most authentically works for you and your body type, rather than trying to fit your body into a preset plan.

Your body has an innate intelligence. If you trust it and listen, it will guide you.

It’s not just simply about WHAT you eat. But how you FEEL about what you eat. And how you are feeling when you eat what you eat.

The state of consciousness you are in when you eat has an affect on your food that can either nourish or diminish. You can feel this impact in food when it is made with love. Food that is made with love has a different energy, taste, vibration, feeling and impact in your body.

Love is the secret ingredient. The ultimate superfood. The best spice.

So, it’s not just WHAT you eat but the state of consciousness you are in while you eat that determines the nutrition.

I believe that if you are eating the “healthiest” food, but are in a state of anger, shame, guilt or self hatred then that would affect your body’s chemistry negatively and the vibration of the food you ate.

Yes, of course it’s important to eat as many healthy organic foods as you can but also to do so when you are in a state of gratitude, and positivity.

I acknowledge that there is also something to be said for the vibrational impact that food can have to heal you. And how healthy foods can also have a healing affect on your psycho-emotional state as well.

So when you eat, take a moment to feel the vibration of food. Every food has a vibrational frequency. When you feel it you will feel how it resonates with your body.

Ask yourself, “Does eating this enliven me? Will eating this raise my energy?” And choose foods that raise your body’s energy.

So often in our culture today, what motivates us to diet, or eat a certain way can be driven by fear of not looking a certain way by societies standard, or self hatred of our own body.

When you are driven by non-acceptance of yourself and body, no diet will bring you true peace, no food will really bring you true authentic nourishment.

The key is to love and accept yourself totally as you are and as you are not. Love and accept your body as it is. It’s the only physical body you have. It’s the temple that your spirit resides in this life.

When you bring this level of total acceptance to yourself a powerful freedom is yours. This is the greatest gift you could give yourself.

There’s no use just eating what you think you are supposed to eat and hating it and being miserable.

The most powerful diet is the Love diet.

Each day consume a generous serving of true self love and compassion. You can never have too much, it will never make you fat, or unhealthy.

Each day, breathe and give yourself a healthy dose of self loving, “I love and accept myself exactly as I am and as I am not. I accept even my inability to accept myself”.

Ultimately, we are all going to die. No matter what you eat or don’t eat. No matter how many vitamins you take, what type of special water you drink, or what kind of superfoods you eat. The body will die. Your soul is eternal.

So to get overly obsessed about diet is not healthy either. It’s more important to have a healthy relationship with food so that you can feel at peace just as you are right now. I tend to believe that the more you love and accept yourself, the happier you feel, and in turn the healthier your body gets.

Take the time out of your busy life to connect to your soul. When you feed your soul, then your soul will in turn feed you with inspiration, fulfillment, aliveness and bliss.

With each breath remember to acknowledge the source of your true nourishment and energy: The Infinite.

That life force energy is what sustains us, giving us all energy and life.

The more you are connected to that Source the more full your soul will be and the more nourishment, energy, and strength you will have on all levels!

Love is the ultimate superfood.

Love is the only diet you will ever really need.

So for breakfast, lunch and dinner love yourself big.

Love Now


P.S. If you are are ready to be inspired to live your true life’s purpose beyond belief and experience total freedom, then join me at the journey of a lifetime.

11 comments on “My diet secret…The ONLY diet you will ever need!

  1. Eunice on

    YES YES YES..thanks for putting it so well, Kute
    When we are in touch with our body, soul, we select foods from the good vibration we sense from them, like organic etc, and also, our bodies THANK us for this selection..(nice 2 way feedback)
    Also, I created my own ‘active prayer’ when preparing whole food-thanking it, honoring all the colors, textures, taste, and nutrition of each item, and then saying that “I am grateful that we will all merge into the Divine together”..when I say THIS…the energy leap from the food to me, is palpable and loving..there is an EXCHANGE!
    Right on Kute..
    Love you so much…for being YOU, in all your expression.When we are completely open, the world feels like it is orgasmic..all the time..!(which is what baby experiences at first…until it is desensitized..

  2. Gracie on

    Wow…you never cease to amaze…Thanks for such wonderful words..who knew all you need is a Love diet to be whole healthy and complete…Love ya much..GVD

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