How many times have you had an experience and it wasn’t what you thought it was going to be but you had already predetermined what was going to happen?

How often have you judged someone in your life only to get to know them and they were very different from who you thought they really were?

Just because something seems a certain way doesn’t mean it really is.

We often go through life thinking we know what is going on. We have preconceived ideas about a situation and others, that can block us from truly experiencing the gift that the moment has for us.

It is important to look deeper in a given situation. Things may not be what they appear to be.  Don’t let what you think you know get in the way of living with an open heart.

Several times in my life I remember making false assumptions of what I thought someone said or what I thought they meant through their actions, and most of those times I felt hurt, and it caused me to withhold my love.

The truth is I had no idea what really happened but created a reality in my own mind which impacted my actions greatly.

If something is unclear, or you feel hurt by a loved one or a friend, rather than withdraw in resentment……….. communicate and get clarity.

What might be clear to you might not be clear to another, and what might not be obvious to you might be obvious to another.

We are 7 billion people on this glorious planet. That means 7 billion different realities, and interpretations of life. It really is a miracle that we can somewhat understand each other let alone get along and love at all.

We are all beautiful. Not because we are perfect human beings but because in our imperfections we are such unique riches and gifts… despite all we have individually been through as human beings, the challenges, struggles, and childhood traumas. We wake up each morning to meet another day the best we can.

This takes courage: To live in this world that can sometimes be crazy, beyond challenging, and even sometimes seemingly cruel.

So it can be easy to judge, but let’s remember the courage it takes for all of us to be human, and that we don’t really know what another human has gone through. We don’t really know everything it has taken for them to just wake up this morning and live.

So when in any situation, choose love.

To choose anger, withholding, judgment is the easy option. But to choose love is the real purpose for why we are here.

Remember just because things seem a certain way doesn’t mean it really is.



Every moment.

Is your invitation.

Will you choose Love?



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  1. Tess on

    You cant judge a book by its cover ! We all need love. Thank you Kute I Love what you do I am so blessed to have found you.!!!!


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