Give up trying to find your soulmate…

Simply find yourself.

When you find YOU, your soul will attract the perfect mate match for your greatest growth.

Your soulmate is not always who you may expect, or think you want.

Your soulmate is the physical form and manifestation of what you most need for your soul’s evolution. Your soulmate is a manifestation of your soul’s longing for itself. Your longing for your soulmate is the desire to experience your own soul and to mate with YOU.

Your soul knows what it needs most, more than your mind. When you try and create your soulmate from your mind you limit what’s truly possible.

Your soul is infinite.

Your soulmate won’t necessarily come in the neat package that your ego desires, but the perfect form to destroy your ego’s limitations.

Your soulmate may not be who and what you had planned or thought they would be. But that’s exactly why they will cause you to grow, step outside of your comfort zone, let go of your control, and break you open to yourself!

The real mission of your soulmate is to clear away whatever is not love so that only love can remain.

Remember this, especially when you face tough times together: Long before your bodies meet, your soul’s have agreed to serve each other. You are here to serve each other’s soul!

Your true soulmate has not come to simply pacify your illusions, but to dissolve them. Sometimes we have this idea that our soulmate will float peacefully into our lives, and then from that moment everything will be an easy or perfect fairy tale.

But I have found that your real soulmate will often turn your life inside-out and upside-down. Your soulmate, without even trying, will find those places inside you that have been hiding, resisting love, languishing in darkness, and expose them for healing. Your soulmate is uniquely equipped to challenge you to face what you have been most afraid of within yourself. They will provide the perfect mirror.

Love isn’t simply nice vacations together, romantic dinners, and good sex, although that’s all very nice.

Love is a purification.

So give up the limited idea of what you think your soulmate should look like: What height they should be, what car they should drive, what hair color they should have, what school they should have attended, what nationality they should be, what breast size they are…Your soul is BEYOND that.

Simply surrender your heart’s longing to the Universe and you will invite the fullness of God’s grace to show up and bring to you the perfect partner for your soul’s highest growth!

We often pray to meet our soulmate, and when you do, just know that you will need to face your death. A death of everything that has kept your soul from being fully free and liberated. A death of the ‘old’ so you can be ‘born a new’!

Your relationship with your soulmate may last a lifetime, or it may not. But rest assured that you will be together for exactly the duration that is needed to serve both of your soul’s.

The point is the degree of growth and evolution you experience in a relationship together is not simply about the duration.

Remember: Your soulmate is that aspect of yourself that you are most seeking to integrate and embrace. Your soulmate gives you the opportunity to learn the lessons you need most in this lifetime.

When you pray to meet your soulmate, you are praying to meet yourself.

Are you ready?



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6 comments on “The REAL truth about finding your soulmate!

  1. Nancy Chomicz on

    Yes, to attract your Soulmate, be like a beautiful flower and then you’ll naturally attract your Honey-Bee-ing. (+:

  2. Natalie Moya on

    Wow!!! This video could not have come at a better time. I find myself asking question after question and discovering the answer in magical ways. The Universe is definitely talking back. To surrender and trust is to live!!

  3. ann on

    Those things sounds nice only on paper but the reality is no one meets themselves truely in lifetime except ancient sages.


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