You are free when you realize that you don’t have the power to MAKE another person change.

You suffer when you spend your time trying to control the lives of those around you to be what you want them to be.

People don’t change unless they really want to change. You only have the power to share your perspective, wisdom, and invite them to consider a different way of doing things.

When someone changes simply to make you happy, rest assured, it doesn’t last.

They must not only want to change but must be committed to it. They also must be open to your help. We sometimes try to change people that are not asking for help and end up trying to control them to fit our ideal.

It’s important to remember that each person has their own journey and lessons in life that their soul needs to learn. You may not completely understand or agree but if you want to be happy you cannot get attached to them being different.

Sometimes people aren’t quite ready to change, even if they know that they need to. There is often a payoff they get from staying stuck, or they are simply too comfortable doing what they have been doing.

If someone you know doesn’t change, it’s NOT personal. It’s not about you, it’s just where they are at right now.

So learn to accept the reality of where people in your life are currently at. Don’t  resist, judge or justify.

When you are no longer in resistance, it enables you to show up and just be a loving presence in their lives.

Even though the person you love may not be ready to change right now, allow them their process.

The greatest gift you can give them is to SEE who they really are and love them as they are. They may have forgotten who they are, so rather than judge, condemn, and trying to change, simply see who they are and reflect that back.

Honor each person’s unique journey and bless each person’s life path. Trust that it is perfect for their soul’s evolution.

Your responsibility is not to change anyone but simply to love them.

Be love.



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2 comments on “The Secret Key To All Relationships

  1. Dawn Williams on

    I loved this!! So….when you actually”see” them for who they are and you have given input on what is hurtful to you and/or disrespectful, is that when you decide you just aren’t compatible…..if they aren’t ready to make changes? You then have to decide for yourself if you can be loving and accepting with what is or if that’s not something you are able to do. Correct? Because accepting what is/who they are can also cause pain if that lack of change is too much to bear.


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