It’s 2012.

A new year.

So what?

Big deal.

A change of date will not lead to a change of fate. Unless you elevate and shift how you gravitate yourself.

Right at the edge of your comfort zone is where the real fun begins.

Your growth lies there in the unknown.

If you trust, then the universe will guide you.

Yet we tend to hold onto what is familiar. The same-same. Simply because it is familiar.

We use the same muscles. Stay in stale relationships. Frequent the same music. Take the same safe route. Eat the same foods. Repeat the same rituals.

We often opt for the suffering that we know, rather than the potential risk of living alive.

Taking the safe road leads to a dead life. Living dead takes no courage. To really live is the adventure of being alive.

Are you really alive?

You see it is when you let go of the known, that you are required to tap into a deeper part of yourself. Perhaps a part of yourself that you were not aware of before. It is there that you will find yourself a new. It is there that you will meet yourself as if for the first time.

Be willing to NOT know who you are. So that you can find out what new wants to express through you.

This year, you can do the same things over and over but a stale life tastes dull leading only to dissatisfaction.

This life is not for the faint of heart.

This life is the invitation to create a work of art.

What are you creating each day?

So Lick the plate of NOW clean.

You know what I mean.

You never get this moments gift back. Once gone it’s gone.

I urge you to do it right.

Leave nothing left.

No morsel of regret.

No dream unmet.

No waiting to retire.

Let living this moments bliss take you higher.

We often fear what will be. So we hold onto the peanuts of what we know worked before. Instead of risking for the feast that awaits us in the unknown.

You can go around and around, down the same road over and over, holding on and on. But just know that if you go down the same route. You will end up at the same destination. Again. Quite simple.

When you step outside of your comfort zone at first it might seem scary. But if you breathe, and trust, eventually you will expand your capacity to handle the new. It’s often the mind that convinces you of the dangers ahead. Know that the real danger is when you believe the mind and live inside the prison of it’s limitations. We have all done this at some point.

But if you stretch, soon what seemed so scary will become your new norm. This is growth. Life is a constant expansion and growth. Either you are growing or dying. Are you growing or simply resting on the comfort of coasting yesterdays wave?

When you stay in the known, you get to avoid feeling uncomfortable. You get to avoid potential rejection. You get to avoid feeling out of control. You get to protect yourself from getting hurt. You get to buffer yourself from disappointment. You get to avoid peoples criticism.

It’s only when you let go of what no longer works, whether a job, or a relationship, that you can receive the abundant blessings of the universe.

So this year. Dare to do something different. Mix it up. Shake it down. Reinvent yourself. Live right on the edge of the wave. Dance in the center of the dance floor.  Love more. Surprise yourself. It’s then that life takes on a new wonder. And a cosmic curiosity will fill your heart.

Ultimately this year, remember to have FUN.  It is not that serious. All of this will soon be over. If you try something new and it does not work out. It is not the end of the world. But if you stay in something that doesn’t work simply because it is safe, your world has already ended. You always have the choice to unchoose the choice you chose and choose again at any moment a new choice.

All you have is now.

To have and to hold.

Fortune favors the bold.

Will you live cold.

Only to get old.

And to realize that you sold.

Your dreams to the illusions of fear.

So this year, my dear.




To eat the Durian!!!!!!!!!!



P.S. What is the bold change you are going to make in 2012? Let me know below.


P.P.S. If you are ready to change your life and take yourself to the next level, I invite you to join me on the most amazing journey of a lifetime.

9 comments on “It’s 2012. So What? Big Deal… So Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone For Real!

  1. Deborah Skye on


    Been thinking of this lately and I know myself well enough that when I feel comfortable in life (which most people are striving for) that I am out of alignment because I am not stretching myself, nor am I expanding, so my mind perceives life in a way that has me questioning my own existence.

    Each person has their own frame of reference, some are tight in the box, others are laid out beside the box, but as you say-taste the durian, (which I have actually and like it!) some like myself must jump so far outside the box to feel life breath into them that conventional society just won’t do.

    Love how you express yourself and share your perception and vitality.
    P.S. I will be in Bali this September leading a summit for female entrepreneurs…
    Deborah Skye

  2. Flower Jayne on

    Hey Kute!! 2 minutes after listening to your video.

    I had a knock at the door to see if I wanted to go to the Hampshire Downs to watch the Sunshine……usually I would of made excuses about my legs or my pain, tiredness or anxiety.

    I thought “Blimey Kute!, that was quick work to get me out of my comfort zone.” So I said YES! We drove to the top of the hill and I got out car, found the highest point and stood there with my arms wide open taking in the glorious orange sky!


  3. Yor on

    This is really inspiring… and it is totally my intention for this year to prevent myself from getting too cozy in my comfort zone.

    Thanks for your inspiring words!

  4. Ming on

    Hey Kute! Yuuuummmmm! I love them too!! Yes! This is my year of leaping off the cliff and soaring!!
    Bring it on Brother! I am coming to my beautiful Bali to rekindle my flame of life again si I can be of much more service to humanity than beyond boundless bliss!! Amen!
    P/s Did I mention that I speak the language in Bali? Yep! This has been part of myvisualuzation man!!!


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