4 Ways to Know You Are Growing Spiritually





How can you know if you are growing spiritually?


Is it because you are able to meditate for hours at a time?


Or only eat certain kinds of foods?


Or able to do special yoga postures?


Or are able to recite sacred texts?


Acting spiritual is one thing but truly growing spiritually is another.


Here are a four signs that you are growing spiritually:


1. You start losing interest in “yourself.” You find yourself less and less interested in your story. You know who you really are, you know that you are NOT your story. And as a result your taste for the drama that comes along with it starts falling away. You lose interest in drama. Drama simply gives you a false sense of aliveness. When you are in tune with your real self, you are connected to the source of aliveness, thus you are fulfilled. You no longer need drama as a superficial way to try and feel alive.


2. You become less judgmental. The world we live in is a realm of duality. As you grow spiritually you begin seeing beyond right and wrong. Right and wrong is a perception based on your ego’s conditioning. It’s subjective based on the collective cultural agreement. As you grow spiritually you free yourself from the prison of your identity and you move beyond duality. You start seeing life from a higher perspective. As a result, you are more able to see the whole picture and able to honor each person’s soul evolution. You realize that EVERYTHING is perfect for your own soul’s evolution even if it doesn’t seem that way at first. You may still feel the feelings that arise but are able to see the inherent perfection and not get stuck there.


3. You stop resisting what is. You stop fighting reality. And you are much more able to accept situations as they are. When you resist life you suffer. When you resist reality it’s misery. When you accept what is, you bring yourself into a relationship with what is and are then able to choose how to respond.


4. You realize the inherent interconnectedness of all things. You see beyond the illusion of separation. You move into a level of oneness and feel the sense that we are all being lived by the one intelligence. You become more loving as a natural by-product. And you become aware of the impact of your choices and how they affect all humanity.


So you move from a life focused on just yourself. You move beyond a life of just getting to one of giving. As you grow spiritually service becomes a natural motivation and expression of your life focus.


Love is the fruit of your spiritual growth.


At first, your love may involve mainly yourself. Then it expands beyond yourself to those around you. Then it expands beyond those around you to all humanity.


Spirituality isn’t just chanting mantras and saying nice prayers but is love in action. It’s how you live your life each moment.


You grow spiritually when you don’t just recognize God only in church, or the temple but in everyone, everything, and everywhere you go.


You are love.


And every moment is your opportunity to live it.


Love. Now


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