There is no shortage of people in life that will tell you who and what you should be, what to believe, what your limits are, what’s possible for your life.

If you buy into other people’s limitations for you, you will not be free.

Society often tries to condition you to fit in, be accepted and be normal.

Those that impacted the world were far from normal. Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, David Bowie, Bruce Lee, Muhammed Ali.

What made them unique is they dared to listen to the beat of their own hearts, follow their own soul’s guidance.

This didn’t always make them popular with every person, but they changed the course of our culture and humanity.

So much so that their example inspires us even when they are dead.

We will all die, few of us truly live.

To be yourself is the greatest gift you can give the world.

When you are yourself fully, you also inspire and give others permission to be themselves fully.

So dare boldly.

Live with no regrets.

Being normal is overrated.

Be yourself.



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5 comments on “The Most Inspiring Video of The Year

  1. Stacey on

    Wow, that was beautiful, inspiring and brought me to tears. I love ME in all my different ways and with all my own uniqueness. Thank you Kute! I did not expect the ending – and it made me laugh out loud. You are truly blessed!

  2. Malko on

    Kute – This is an awesome video and beautiful message! I invite you and your followers to transcend all “positive messages” and live beyond the polarities of “normal vs crazy”, “happy vs sad,” “authentic vs fake”. Even as the inspiring messages you offer here are to be experienced, honored, and released, let us be aware when we are clinging and over-identifying with anything, including people, things, ideas and concepts that we PERCEIVE as positive and inspiring. At the end of the day, everything is everything, and it’s all about our energy and the connection to the source. I agree that great people, like MLK, who did amazing things are awesome. The poor Haitian bartender serving me right now is equally awesome and a unique beautiful flower of this universe, as are you! ✌️? Consider making your ambition to transcend ambition and then we can begin to consider that we’re on some road to enlightenment. Until then, ANYTHING we cling to, owns us, including the very ideas I’m proposing right now. The great trick of life, eh?! Peace and love my brother.


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