No one can reject you unless you give them the power to.

It’s you that gives them the power to do so…So take your power back!

We do so many things to avoid rejection in our lives…

We hide, we lie, we withhold, we pretend, we betray ourselves, we play nice.

As children we learned to adapt and become what we thought would get us love and acceptance. We developed masks based on what worked. In doing so we hide our authentic selves, in an effort to get love, approval and validation.

The real rejection is not so much from ‘other people towards you’, but the ways in which you reject yourself. This is the real pain, this is the real rejection, ‘self rejection‘.

We often become who we think we need to be in order to be loved. But deep down you know that you aren’t being truly loved. You are in fact being loved for the role that you are playing, not your real self.

It’s never deeply satisfying being loved for who you are not…it’s never truly fulfilling.

What ways do you reject yourself?

Who have you learned you needed to be in order to get love?

When you accept yourself fully you are FREE! Self acceptance isn’t just towards the parts of you that you like, but also those parts that you don’t.

When people reject you, it is not you they are rejecting. It is their concept or image of you, it is their projection.

What they think of you reveals more about themselves than it does about you.

Just because someone thinks a certain way about you, doesn’t mean it’s reality. Remember, it’s just their reality. In “rejecting” you they just reject themselves. If you buy into someone else’s negative reality of you, you reject yourself and give their “reality” reality.

Know this: No one can truly reject YOU, they can only reject who they think you are. All they reject is their own idea…All they reject is the shadow of you.

The real you cannot be rejected.

The real YOU is infinite!

It’s your ego that feels rejected because you may be tightly holding onto a position or a way that you perceive yourself to be. The tighter you hold onto what you perceive yourself to be, the more you may feel the need to defend “yourself” and likely feel rejected, as other people think negatively or have differing opinions about you.

Why give someone that much power over you?

Remember: No one can reject you unless you allow it.

Decide and commit today to accept who you are RADICALLY, exactly as you are!

Then you are able to unhook yourself from needing other people’s approval or validation. You take your power back, then no one can reject you.

To the degree you are seeking acceptance from others is the degree to which you open yourself to being rejected. But again, it’s not them rejecting you, it’s that you have given them that power.

The more you love and accept yourself as you are, the less you will care what others think, and the less you will need others acceptance.

Who you are is enough. You are worthy exactly as is. There’s nothing you need to do or be.

You are whole and complete.

Your soul is the ultimate authority and validation.

No one can reject you unless you give them that power…So don’t!





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12 comments on “Overcoming the FEAR of rejection!

  1. Flower on

    Hey Kute, I have been realising recently that its me rejecting me. I feel I am not accepting my creative gifts and the fibromyalgia. Also, I feel I am scared of my own power. Kute, how can I enjoy my own power? Flower x

    • Kute Blackson on

      Feel deeper Flower. Sit with your feelings, see what comes up, let it bubble up and bask in it! You ARE powerful! Own it! Keep your heart open and move in whatever direction you need to in order to impact the world with your greatness!

  2. Maria on

    Thank you, again, Kute. Your posts always seem to be exactly what I need when I read them! I know the Divine is always looking out for me. I really enjoy it when the Divine looks out for me through YOU! I love what you do. Thanks for all your Love. Keep doing what you do…keep being who you are.

    With Deep Gratitude,

  3. Nancy Chomicz on

    Well, I’ve heard all about that ‘R’ word before from most everyone … boring. How about ONLY focusing on the opposite/antonym “A” word? ACCEPTANCE or NOT and NEVER choosing to say the idiotic ‘R’ word? You said the solution in a nutshell: Children say “Wow, they accept me” or “Wow, they don’t accept me” and move on to someone who does. So, why can’t adults continue to REMEMBER THAT DIVINE childlike Way of Living? I’m 66 and still have that childlike attitude, why not? Do I want MORE acceptance or MORE rejection? The only reason I am ‘not accepted’ is because ‘my genuine truth’ is unique from the ‘other person’s genuine truth, so, to me, they ARE accepting ‘me, the divine person’ and are NOT accepting ‘my learned truths’ AND it is up to ME to communicate by asking each other simple curiosity questions to clarify our truths so we can compare our thinking and dig deep and then, ‘Take the Best and Leave the Rest’ or continue to not agree and accept that their truth is ‘not acceptable’, and, I ‘may or may not accept them’ as my friend anymore. We may or may not accept one another as a person AND may or may not accept each other’s truth. That’s life. A paradox. So, why not PLAY with the conversation and be like Christopher Columbus and EXPLORE, explore, explore the depths of one another in AWE? Who’s ‘rejected’ in this way of thinking? NO ONE. No need to utter the ‘r’ word. Only speak the ‘A word or not the A word.’ Understand? It’s shifting from ‘dumb and stupid’ ‘duality and non-duality’ of rejection/acceptance to ‘smart and intelligent’ oneness and non-oneness of ‘acceptance or not acceptance.’ Amen.

  4. Ellen on

    Thank you, thank you for this amazing reminder. When I was in Bali I so “got” that I was much more than my body, my masks, my personas and even my thoughts and stories – that I was pure consciousness. I really do get this but at times I feel I can be pulled into the illusion and just need to take a moment, breath and allow my nervous system to align with all the “knowings” I was gifted with in Bali.

  5. Michele on

    I agree that self-rejection is the greatest suffering and pain within self, by self for the ego’s sake. I recently understood by clearing anger that it is a response to a self-created fear of being rejected, and the outcome has been a ever continuing circle of mental suffering, physical pain, deception, self-sabotage… . Fortunately, The Almighty Divine gives us opportunities to awaken at any given moment. I’m surrendering. I let go of the old world and let God in spirit to guide me. I can heal my bleeding heart and I choose to tap into gratitude for I’m willing to be Great, Rich, Successful. I’m worthy! a belief beyond belief. And the more I accepted myself as spirited Self, the more I’m allowing It, with an open heart, to see the Universe’s beautiful miraculous life Now. and it’s not coincidence to catch glimpses of pure joy moment to moment. This video is awesomely profound as you talk about multiple facets of people that reject themselves and their attitude toward others. I couldn’t agree more on your great wisdom during the whole extract. Yes, we’re all powerful infinite beings, originated from pure consciousness, embodied souls, divinely loved and guided spirits by The One. Knowing that I’m God within through “A Course of Miracles” teachings has helped me transcend through this insane belief and its illusions-perceptions, a way of living my life! yep, no for sure no one would remain insane knowing that, so I choose to shift/to transform. I’m back to my childish nature, spontaneously loving, embracing each moment with joy, and enjoying the flow of life… practice makes it better and better everyday. I’m whole, perfect, and complete. Salvation comes from the spirited Self so I dropped a big mask, big blocks for the light has come and I look at society with courage, I live in acceptance, and I love. Thanks Kute!! keep evolving, keep shinning! we’re All well with You!!

  6. Anonymous on

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